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Infrastructure and Services in SEZ

  1. Roads
    • RCC Roads -
      • 50 mtrs wide - 1.6 Kms.
      • 30 mtrs wide - 13.8 Kms.
      • 20 mtrs wide - 10.0 Kms.
    • Street lights.
    • Strom Water Disposal (SWD) facility alongside road.
  2. Water
    • GIDC is co-developer for water supply in SEZ.
    • Water distribution network for 10 MGD water supply.
    • Water Reservoirs, Pumping Stations and ESRs in both parts of SEZ.
    • GIDC has provided connections to 56 units in SEZ.
    • A Desalination project is being set up by Swarnim DahejSpring Desalination Pvt. Ltd. (a Consortia of Hitachi & ITOCHU of Japan and Hyflux of Singapore) another Co-developer in SEZ to meet additional water requirement of SEZ units.
  3. Drainage / Effluent Disposal
    • GIDC is co-developer for collection of treated effluent and disposal.
    • Underground pipeline for collection of treated effluent.
    • Collection Sump and Guard Pond in both part of SEZ.
    • Effluent from Guard Ponds is discharged to Dahej-Vilayat GIDC Effluent Treatment Plant outside SEZ and to sea for Dahej Industrial Estate, for which consent and authorization is granted by GPCB in November 2008.
    • GIDC has provided connections to 17 units in SEZ.
  4. Power
    • Torrent Energy Ltd. is co-developer for power distribution in SEZ.
    • 33/11 KV Two sub-stations – one each in Part I & Part II are set up.
    • Power distribution network is in place.
    • Power Project of 1200 MW is under implementation in SEZ.
    • TEL has provided power connections to 59 units in SEZ.
  5. Gas Supply
    • Gujarat State Petronet Ltd. (GSPL) is co-developer for gas distribution within SEZ.
    • Gas supply distribution network and Monitoring stations are in both parts of SEZ.
    • GSPL has provided gas supply connection to 6 units in SEZ.
  6. Telecommunication and Data Transmission
    • Bharat Sanchar Nigam Limited (BSNL) is Co-developer for Telecommunication and data transmitting Network.
    • Telecommunication services in SEZ is started by BSNL.
  7. Fire & Safety Services
    • Fire Safety Service station is Operational in Dahej SEZ.
    • Fire Department :-
      • Contact person : Mr. Jaydeep Bhatt, Executive (Admin & Safety)
      • Mob :07874787973
    • Fire Station :- 02641-291101
  8. Weigh Bridge Service
    • Weigh Bridge Service is operational in SEZ Part – I.
  9. Bank offices
    • Bank of Baroda is operational in Dahej SEZ Part-1.
    • ATM of HDFC Bank within Dahej SEZ.
    • State Bank of India is operational in Dahej SEZ Part-2.
  10. Hotel & Convention Centre
    • Cambay SEZ Hotels Pvt. Ltd. is a Co-developer has completed work of Phase - I & Commenced Commercial Operation.
    • Sapthagiri Hospitality Pvt. Ltd. is another Co-developer Commenced Commercial Operation.
  11. Food Court
    • Food Court is in operation.
  12. Security Service
    • Service Agency for Security & Traffic is in place.
  13. Parking & Toilet Blocks
    • Toilet blocks in SEZ Part - I and SEZ Part - II with Parking.
  14. Training Center
    • ITI centres are opened in Dahej Industrial Area outside SEZ.
  15. Medical Centre
    • Medical Centres are in operation in IPCL and Birla Copper Plant in the vicinity of Dahej SEZ.
    • A new Hospital at Dahej is under construction.
  16. Other Services
    • Housekeeping
    • Plantation
  17. Administrative Block
    • Administrative buildings of SEZ Part- I and SEZ Part – II are operational.
  18. Custom Office
    • Custom Offices in SEZ Part- I and SEZ Part – II are operational.
  19. Township/Housing Blocks
    • Atali - Housing complex about 10 Kms. from Dahej SEZ is developed by GIDC in which Units located in SEZ are offered plots.
  20. Welfare Activity for nearby areas
    • Gujarat PCPIR Welfare Society is constituted to carry out welfare activities in 18 villages of Dahej area including 5 villages of SEZ land.
  21. Land Allotment Status
    • Allotment in Processing Area           : 88 Units (1198.00 Hect.)
    • Allotment in Non-Processing Area  : 4 Units (8.17 Hect.)
    • Provisional allotment                         : 3 units (14.40 hect.) (Awaiting LoA from DC, SEZ)
    • Units in Operation                               : 42
    • Exports from SEZ