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Dahej SEZ Ltd. has been receiving applications for ROU permission in corridor land of SEZ for laying cables, product pipelines, etc., from co-developers, service providers and units in SEZ. In this context, DSL is to levy annual rent on land in SEZ for allotment on ROU basis as under:-

  1. Rs.60/- per running metre in case of ROU granted for laying single pipe / cable and land width requirement is less than one metre.

  1. Rs.60/- per in case of ROU granted for more than one metre width of corridor land and multiple of pipes or laying of overhead power lines.

The applications for allotment of land on ROU basis will be considered in consultation with SE (CG), GIDC, Bharuch office. On payment by the allottee of annual charges, the plan for laying pipeline has to be approved and agreement is to be executed from the office of SE (CG), GIDC, Bharuch.

The allottee is required to pay annual rent in advance every year.